A college professor was stripped of her teaching job after university officials found out she had a yen for performing burlesque shows.

Sheila M. Addison, an Alameda County resident, received a termination letter from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill last year for one offense: Performing in San Francisco’s Hubba Hubba Revue, which provides political and social commentary on gender, sexuality, and body image stereotypes.

She has filed a claim against the university, saying that her termination was illegal and the result of gender discrimination. Addison, who holds a PhD and teaches psychology, believed the content of the skits were pertinent; they revealed much about feminist theory and human sexuality.

Burlesque-Performing Professor Gets Fired - San Francisco News - The Snitch

That she has to defend her performance under the pretext that it was “pertinent” is sad enough (I mean, why does it matter in the first place?), but this part of the article had me spitting fire:

And here is the real show stopper: Addison says that a male professor also had participated in a show outside the university, and disrobed onstage, yet he was never fired from the university, according to her claim.

Female sexuality has to be justified on the basis of “relevance”. Male sexuality is, once again, viewed as inconsequential.

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what sort of politics does the uni have? I mean, it’s odd that this happens in San Francisco of all places, home of the creative/queer/academic/activist/political sexytimes. And I know someone else in Hubba Hubba (hell, might be the same person, I don’t know her mundane name).

And to think that just a month or so ago I was in a conference with a pile of academics all talking about the erotic - and many of them were porn stars, porn producers, camgirls, sex workers, burlesque performers, pole dancers, kinksters, prodommes! The Australia Council for the Arts funds burlesque performances and promotes them on their outreach projects. Yeesh @_@