But I think it’s fair to say that with this particular activism, there’s something that’s beefing that common pattern up more than usual. After all, the spectacle here when it appears is mostly nekkid ladies. And we all know that nekkid ladies — period, but especially when acting outside the script… — is a big draw. Trying to smash down nekkid ladies who are working with being that way on their own terms, even if everyone isn’t in the same place in that process, or their terms look like, well, everyone else’s terms? That’s an even bigger draw. That’s freaking field day for sexist trolling, is what that is. It provides a golden opportunity for people to mock, poke fun at and easily get en masse support in diminishing or degrading those women, a sadly common pastime, especially on the internet (and not one only men participate in, either).

And the issues with this activism are issues which are some of the most challenging and threatening to many, many people in our world: sexual violence, victim-blaming, and the right of women to present themselves as they would like to and the freedom of women to be able to do so without repercussions which very few men, especially straight men, suffer unless they present in ways which are interpreted by others as being feminine.

People really have been cherry-picking these images, if you ask me, and I think it needs to be called out. I’ve been looking at collective imagery of all the walks (and thanks to folks who gave me some extra collections to look at).

Know what it looks like to me?

*Nearly every protest I have ever been to in my life, that’s what.* The primary difference, as far as I can see, and the thing that identifies it as different than, say, an antiwar protest, is that the signs are about rape and about the right of women to feel free to.. without being blamed for violence done to them… or being assumed to be ‘asking” for violence.

This is What a SlutWalk (Really) Looks Like | Scarleteen

She links to a wide range of SlutWalk pictures in the article (including one I took and one of my sign) - many are quite moving.

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