The San Fran Plan

What’s The San Fran Plan?

The San Fran Plan is the name of my 2.5-month trip to San Francisco for creative sexytimes. At the core is a residency with artist shared space CELLspace, followed by internships and volunteering opportunities with places such as the Center for Sex and Culture, Femina Potens, the EcoSex Symposium, and much more.

What will you be doing in your residency?

I plan to use the residency to further develop my performance skills and create the first drafts and materials for shows about the politics & personal experiences of being a female queer migrant minority.

While I deal with this already on stage and through media, it’s often been in short bits - a 5 min burlesque act, a blog post, a radio segment. I am working on pushing myself further to create more substantial, longer, deeper work - aiming for enough material for a one-woman show.

At the same time I would like to explore and learn from people who’ve done similar work - combining identity politics, activism, sexuality, and creativity in various ways. Hence the internships and volunteering; it will give me ample opportunities to learn direct from the experts through experience.

I’d also like to have as much fun as I can - no point if it’s all serious and dreadful! San Francisco seems like a hub of adventure and so much of it is mysterious to me; I’d love to see what’s out there and what’s lurking.

Why San Francisco? Have you been?

I’ve never been to San Francisco asides from stopovers - and even then I was charmed by the humour and goodwill of the voiceover announcements and the airport staff. Almost everyone I know who has been to San Francisco has raved about it so I’m starting off on the right foot!

There are many people in the fields of performance, erotic creativity, activism, diversity and representation, community organising, and so on that inspire me - and so many of them end up being in San Francisco. It strikes me as a city where no matter how weird or oddball you are, no matter how much of a minority you are, there is a group or project that supports you.

In my research for the San Fran Plan I have met and connected with so many lovely people who have already welcomed me before stepping foot in the city. I can’t wait to get there!

Give us more details!


Dates: June 14th to Sept 1st, 2011

Residency/lodging: CELLspace, 2050 Bryant St, The Mission, SF

Internships/volunteering: Center for Sex and Culture, Femina Potens/Madison Young, EcoSex Symposium, This Is What I Want

I’m always looking for more, so keep me in the loop!

What can you offer? What can you do?

I would love to be able to contribute through:

Speaking and presenting - particularly about my perspectives on identity, race, sexuality, gender, and nationality as a multiple minority. I’ve spoken in PechaKucha Brisbane about the power of mentorship in the arts and presented at the Griffith University Erotics conference about the challenges of being an erotic performer of colour, amongst others.

Media presenting & production - I have experience with television, radio, print, and web media, both as a presenter and as part of production. Currently I’m in the midst of producing my own digital radio (called Creative Sexytimes) show while also blogging and writing up a storm online.

Performing - my experience is mainly through short-form burlesque acts, though I’ve also done improv, slam poetry, and stage work. My training is in burlesque, circus (mostly groundwork/clowning), improv, and physical theatre, but I’m always open to different options. I’m also up for being part of someone’s art, as a model or assistant or tableux vivant or something imaginative.

Stage & event production - I’ve been stage managing and working on event production for a little while now, for events across Australia and elsewhere. From cat-herding (my term for stage management) to door entry, marketing to VIPs, research to ticketing - I’m flexible and ready to jump in whenever you need.

Other creative sexytimes! - knowing San Francisco there’s probably going to be a lot out there that I haven’t even conceived of yet. Feel free to let me know!

Find out more about my experience here.

Who do you want to meet? What do you want to do?

To get the best out of the San Fran Plan I would like to connect with people that do the following:

  • Dramaturgy and playwriting - basically getting this mass of experiences and thoughts and ideas into something stage-worthy
  • Practical crafting skills (esp sewing)
  • Sensual, erotic performance - largely in the act of letting go and being in your body
  • Contemporary dance and choreography
  • Improv
  • Physical theatre
  • Stage direction & production
  • Activism in: racial issues, diversity, feminism, queer issues, sex-positivity, representation
  • Media production (esp radio) - mostly sourcing robust resources to put things together
  • Public speaking, voice, singing
  • Community-building especially as a minority within minorities

again I am open to possibility and chance, so if there’s anything I’ve left out but is useful feel free to contact me!

Awesome! How do I support you?

I will put up more direct methods here, but in the meantime check out The San Fran Plan on The Merch Girl (my old performance name) for more suggestions, information, and ideas on how to help, including a contact form.

Thank you!